Main objectives

  1. Develop energy in local area.
  2. Carry out study and research on science and technology.
  3. Provide support to develop micro-hydro, solar home system, biogas, windmill and improved stove in rural areas.
  4. Provide technical professional trainings to unemployed local youths, especially on; site survey, installation, repair and operation of micro hydro, house wiring, improved stove, bio-gas, plumbing, solar home system.
  5. Site Identification, pre-feasibility and feasibility surveys and analyses of mini micro-hydro project.
  6. Innovative solutions to reduce the costs of low-head project.
  7. Implementation of micro hydro project for off-grid communities.
  8. Technology transfer to design and develop micro hydro machines and equipment’s to local and inland manufactures.
  9. Training on micro-hydro economics and technology.
  10. Provide support to supply drinking and irrigation water.
  11. Provide suitable service to develop appropriate technology in Nepal, especially in alternative energy sector and, natural resource management.
  12. Dissemination of appropriate technology to different target groups.


Working Field:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Rural Development Projects


  • Preliminary & Feasibility study
  • Detail engineering Design
  • Study of Policies & strategies
  • Socioeconomic Studies
  • Manufacturing and supply
  • Installation, Supervision works, power testing and commissioning
  • Energy Audit & management